It really is all about the relationship. Your vendors are your key partners and when they stop acting as partners it is time to replace them.

There are a number of factors that drive the need to select a new vendor partner. The primary key factors are the quality of the relationship and the outcomes being provided. Additional factors include circumstances that precipitate the need for change, such as; the vendor has recent dynamics that change the nature of relationship, the vendor has recent acquisition(s) or divestiture(s), failure of the vendor to perform or even growth of your firm which outstrips the vendors ability to serve you.

Selecting a new vendor is certainly more than an exercise in an Excel spreadsheet comparing of capabilities and price. It is a complex process which a requires working knowledge of the market and players. We are experts in quickly identifying nuances and hidden disqualification criterion so that are clients truly understand vendor differentiation to select the right capabilities and partner relationship to move their business forward.

“I would not say the process is easy, what I will say is that To Increase Partners demonstrated deep domain experience throughout the entire process and brought to our attention critical deciding factors we were not considering. We would not have had the same outcome, (and not certain we would have been able to get to a consensus decision), if we would have orchestrated our vendor selection internally. If you are about to embark on a vendor selection call To Increase Partners before you start.”

We have performed many successful vendor selections for clients across many industries, above all we provide certainty throughout the entire engagement acting as an extension of your company and evaluating all aspects required to have leadership agreement on the final selection.

We have deep expertise in enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, Integration Platforms, Cloud Apps, Mobile Apps, Custom Application Development and industry specific applications, for example, Maritime ERP, Construction Project Management, Job Costing, and more.